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 Our company was established in 2002, it is a private hi-tech enterprise in machinery making and hardware tools industry. It is close to Shanghai and Hangzhou, the transportation is very convenient.
It has passed the attestation of ISO-9002 quality system, meanwhile, it is the appointed enterprise of the Shanghai No.2 Knitting Machinery Share Co., Ltd and North Korea DSI Corp.
It has nearly 100 sets processing equipments, such as lathe, pincer, plane, mill, grinding and heat treatment etc. It has a team of workers with rich practice experience.
The main products are as follows:
12.5mm(1/2”), 20mm(3/4”), 25.4mm(1”) series socket wrench, 12.5mm (1/2”) socket wrench has 9pcs, 10pcs, 13pcs, 17pcs, 24pcs, 28pcs, and 32pcs; 20mm (3/4”) series socket wrench has 9pcs, 15pcs, 21pcs, 25pcs, 26pcs, 27pcs in metric system and Britain system; 25.4mm (1”) series socket wrench has 15pcs, 21pcs, etc., and also other tools. Our products sell far to America, Australia, Britain, Southeast Asia, over 20 countries. Making according buyer’s sample and brand are available.
Various types of packing machines: automatic standard, pallet strapping machine, full automatic stripping with dynamic roller, automatic side seal, etc.
Chemical fiber filature machine, cotton spin machine, auto-packing machine and attachments exceed 1200 varieties.
It also has various electro motion cutting threading machine, chuck and attachments, CPM pipe roll groove machine and other pipe tools.
Any machinery making and processing business and hardware tools making are welcomed! Sincerely welcome all customers, home and abroad, to visit and cooperate!
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